Take a look at our new photo gallery. We dare you to not get hungry.


Our house drinks are amazing!

  • 3 Margaritas
    Gallery of Drinks

We have a great selection of tequila and cervezas

Our Tequila Selection

Mexican Beer Selection


Here is a closer look at some of our most popular items, go ahead, take a look, but we are not responsible for any drool that hits your keyboard.. And yes, each of these images were taken in our restaurant and this is our actual food. #Drooling

  • Shrimp Cocktail A'la Mexicana
    Gallery 1 of Entrès
  • Tequila Burrito
    Gallery 2 of Entrès


Here is a look at a few desserts in case you somehow weren’t sold yet on El Tequila

  • Flan
    Gallery of Desserts

  • El Tequila Is Awesome!!

    If you have never been to any of our 5 El Tequila Mexican Family Restaurant locations, then you have been missing out on some of the best authentic Mexican food in Minnesota. El Tequila has been serving delicious Mexican food and what is widely considered the best salsa in Minnesota for over 18 years now. So come on over, enjoy some authentic Mexican food, and become a part of our family.